Is that supposed to make you fat? Study shows link between smartphone and obesity

This is how the study was conducted: 15 young men aged 21 to 29 were interviewed three times at two-week intervals. Test subjects had to fast for at least 12 hours beforehand and were not allowed to use a cell phone. In the experiment itself, they were then exposed to radiation from two different cell phones for a period of time, or once to suspected radiation during which the cell phone was turned off. The “old models” Motorola L2 (SAR value: 0.97 W/kg) and Nokia 5800d-1 (SAR value: 1.33 W/kg). Then, young men of normal weight could help themselves largely at a buffet.

For the study, spontaneous food intake, brain energy metabolism using magnetic phosphorus resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and various blood values ​​were measured before and after the radiation. The results surprised the researchers: the radiation caused an increase in total calorie intake in almost all of the test subjects. 22 percent respectively. 27 percent via the respective test cell phones. Blood tests showed that not only did calorie intake increase in general, but apparently prompted participants to consume more calories from carbohydrates and, to a lesser extent, protein. MRS measurements revealed an increase in energy renewal in the brain under the influence of cell phone radiation.

From these results, the scientists conclude that cell phone radiation is not only a “potential contributor to overeating in humans, but also affects brain energy homeostasis (“control of hunger and satiety”). According to the scientists, “the influence of cell phone radiation on the brain and eating behavior that has been demonstrated here will make research in this area more important in the future, especially with regard to children. and young people”.

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