Is Netflix’s new hit a flop? That’s what the numbers say – and that’s what Netflix says

Additionally, half of the users who signed up for the ad subscription were existing customers who upgraded to the cheaper option. Overall, only 0.2% of all US customers use the new subscription.

According to Florian Kerkau, the rate in Germany is around seven percent, as he explains in an interview with CHIP. He works at Goldmedia Custom Research GmbH and deals with the analysis of international streaming markets.

Seven percent – this is the same value as shortly after the start of the new subscription model. Kerkau says, “You can probably tell it’s not the big bang, but it’s certainly too early to be able to give a grounded assessment.”

Netflix itself is covered when CHIP asks for it. The company does not give figures. However, public relations director Robert Ardelt points out that Netflix is ​​”very happy with the offer”. According to him, it is not a question of changing as many customers as possible.

On the contrary, people who want to use Netflix should be offered an additional option. In order to win over new customers, the streaming service considers strong series like “Wednesday” to be more effective.

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