Is Aldi replacing its 18 volt Ferrex tool system? The new offers are confusing

in the Aldi online store currently there are 18 volt cordless tools from the Batavia brand – to be more precise, a cordless hammer drill with charger and battery, a cordless drill with and one without a charger and battery, as well as separate batteries of different capacities and the individual charger.

In recent years, however, the Aldi twins have always sold Ferrex-branded cordless tools, which all came with the same batteries and thus created a fleet of inexpensive hobbyist’s tools that managed with a charger. But is it the end now? You won’t find any Ferrex cordless tools on the Aldi store site. Are you now to assume that you will no longer be getting new Ferrex batteries or tools? No way! We asked the press services of Aldi Süd and Nord and got the following consistent response from both Aldis:

“We continue to offer batteries and products from the Ferrex brand. Ferrex is and will remain our own brand of power tools. The offer in our ALDI online shop should be seen as a complementary offer.”

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