Intel shares more information on its upcoming Arc GPUs

We already knew that Intel plans to enter the GPU market and take on AMD and Nvidia. And today, as part of its CES 2022 announcements, the CPU maker released new information about its efforts in this emerging market, specifically more information about its supersampling technology.

As announced in August, Intel Arc Graphics will include things like hardware-based ray tracing and Xe Super Sampling Tech (XeSS). XeSS, like AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), enable GPUs that support each of the three, allowing more mileage from your PC rigs without working harder.

Intel also confirmed XeSS support for its upcoming GPUs, and you’ll get better performance from PCs equipped with an Intel Arc Series GPU and a compatible Intel Core CPU, such as the recently released Alder Lake (12th Generation) processors.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Screenshots

Prior to the introduction of Intel’s first generation Arc GPUs, the company also announced information about upcoming support for its XeSS supersampling technology. Intel has confirmed that Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PC will be among the first games to support the technology. Several studios, including Ubisoft, IO Interactive, 505 Games, Kojima Productions, and PUBG Studios, have also pledged to incorporate supersampling technology into their games.

Here is a full list of all the studios that Intel has announced will support XeSS:

  • Ubisoft
  • Kojima productions
  • 505 games
  • Codemaster
  • PUBG studios
  • IO interactive
  • Techland
  • EXOR studios
  • Fish labs
  • Hashbane
  • Ilfonia
  • Massive work studio
  • Wonder people

Intel hasn’t released any information about when the Arc graphics card will be released, but the first generation, codenamed “Alchemist”, will hit the market sometime earlier this year. The company is playing the long game here, too, as it confirmed last year that the Arc series will include “multiple generations of hardware,” with the next three generations codenamed “Battlemage,” “Celestial,” and “Druid.”

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