Inscryption’s ‘Mini-Expansion’ Kaycee’s Mod lets you play its roguelike deck builder endlessly

Inscryption just received a surprising free “mini upgrade” that is now available in beta. It’s called Kaycee’s Mod, and it’s practically an endless version of the villainous deckbuilder who is at the heart of Inscryption’s first act.

Kaycee’s Mod effectively transforms the cabin into an endless, increasingly challenging roguelike and effectively expands “Part 1” of Inscryption into infinity. Players can work their way through challenge levels, unlocking new maps and challenges, and Inscryption character Kaycee Hobbes’ developer logs, which shed more light on the history of Inscryption.

The expansion is currently in beta and is freely available to anyone who signs up through Steam, with instructions on how to do this in the Announcement blog post. Players are cautioned to back up their save files just in case, and the beta is expected to see some changes over time. In particular, developer Daniel Mullins announced plans to add two more rare cards, two new items, one final encounter for players who complete Challenge Level 12, and more developer protocols.

Encryption gameplay screenshots

Inscryption didn’t hit the market until October and we found it a “surprising and delightful twist on the digital card games that have exploded in recent years”. It was one of our nominees for Best Video Game History of 2021 and is one of our nominees for the yet to be announced Game of 2021.

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