Inexpensive crank radios: not only practical for emergencies

As already mentioned, crank radios are very practical because they are independent of the power supply. Batteries can be charged with a hand crank. Additionally, almost every device on the market offers at least one other way to operate them: batteries, a built-in solar panel, or an AC outlet. Crank radios are also considered to be very durable, and the memory effect (loss of capacity) is almost non-existent. In addition, there is almost no self-discharge.

A disadvantage of crank radios is that the performance of most models drops noticeably at very low temperatures (below five degrees) or heat (above 35 degrees Celsius). In addition, the majority of devices “only” receive FM/AM radio, with which you can receive all common radio stations, but not those from around the world. There are also crank radios with worldwide or DAB+ receivers, but these are rather rare. On some models this can be fitted at an additional cost.

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