Indie hit Wildermyth on the way to the Switch

Worldwalker Games, the studio behind procedurally generated RPG hit Wildermyth, has confirmed that the game will hit Nintendo Switch in the future.

Port news was announced by Worldwalker Games founder Nate Austin during an appearance on Fanbyte’s Thanks for the Knowledge podcast. While the episode won’t officially be released until December 19, the outlet confirmed the announcement in a recently released article.

Despite the reveal, fans should note that it may have to wait a little longer for Wildermyth to arrive on the Switch. In its current state, the game is built in Java – a coding base that Nintendo’s handheld does not support in any way. Because of this, Fanbyte reports that Austin has said the porting process to move the game to Switch will take “at least a year”.

Despite a long wait for Switch fans, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it will be a popular choice when it finally hits the Switch. Since its first introduction on steam In June, Wildermyth received an overwhelmingly positive rating on the platform with 95% of users rating the game and recommending it to others.

Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally generated tactical role-playing game in which your decisions in the game have serious consequences and help your characters advance. During your time at Wildermyth, you will lead a group of heroes who evolve from reluctant ordinary people to unique, legendary fighters. On your journey you will uncover secrets, discover more about the history and personality of your characters and enter a variety of combat situations with strange monsters in different locations.

Wildermyth screenshots

Upon release, IGN reviewed Wildermyth and gave him a 9/10. In our verdict for the game we wrote, “The magic of Wildermyth is that it loves stories so much that it builds its entire structure, from graphic style to prose to combat to campaign structure, around its characters, the become legends. “

‚ÄúThen it cements these ideas with a legacy system that transforms these legendary characters back into stories and interweaves design and storytelling throughout. Wildermyth gives the impression of being charmingly dilapidated, but surprisingly flexible and tight under the hood, which all adds up to a very special experience. “

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