Indiana Jones 5 Trailer: Leave My Childhood Hero Alone!

Even in comparison to the already remarkably contrived fourth film, the images in the new trailer look particularly polished and hugely overhauled. Even Indy gets a makeover: Harrison Ford can be seen in his role as a young man several times in the trailer, his face has been rejuvenated thanks to computer tricks. Apparently there will be flashbacks, scenes set in the time of the first three films. A common rip-off from recent Disney productions: Mark Hamill has already appeared as a young Luke Skywalker in various “Star Wars” series, and Marvel films also like to use this rejuvenation process – particularly in evidence in “Captain Marvel”, the a (more badly than fair) 90s Samuel L Jackson re-enacted.

This is how cinema has worked in recent years, especially at Disney: instead of telling new stories, films and projects are only cropped to trigger childhood memories. Of course, a particularly explosive version of the title’s old music plays in the new trailer, of course, in addition to 80-year-old Harrison Ford, 78-year-old John Rhys-Davies was also dragged on camera in as long as Sallah, of course, you play it safe and have it With “Fleabag” star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the identifying figure of a young, female target audience is already on board at the same time – which he There will certainly be branching projects if the film is a success. All this is coldly calculated, but it was to be expected. For me, however, this has the effect that the gray, wrinkled Indy appears here only as a relic, a remnant of a long-forgotten era. Indiana Jones once sought and found antiques, now it seems to belong to a museum itself.

Do you want to see the heroes of your childhood dismantled into old men – or even into artificially created replicas of yesteryear? Do you want an Indiana Jones in the perfect 2022 blockbuster look that works by all the mechanics of Marvel cinema? And did director James Mangold really add something new to the Indy mythos with this film, or did he just produce a reminder of the brilliance of the old movies? We won’t know until June 29, 2023, when “Indiana Jones and Fate’s Call” opens in theaters.

I’ll be sitting in the front row of my cinema from day one – but thanks to the trailer, I feel very nervous.

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