In cafes and restaurants: this is why water is only available in bottles

In pubs, cafes, bars or restaurants, drinks are usually served by the glass. However, this is not the case with mineral water: provided that the service staff respects the rules, the mineral water first ends up in the unopened bottle at the table and only then is it poured into the glass.

And that’s not in the restaurateur’s enthusiasm, but exactly as prescribed in the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance (MTVO). It is regulated there, among other things, that mineral water may only reach the consumer in sealed pre-packaged packages.

Because natural mineral water must meet the highest quality standards – and these differ from those of table water, for example. This is how the MTVO defines the special requirements for natural mineral water:

  1. It comes from underground water sources protected from pollution and is obtained from one or more natural or artificial sources.
  2. It is of original purity and characterized by its content of minerals, trace elements or other components and, where appropriate, by certain effects, in particular nutritional ones.
  3. Its composition, temperature and other essential characteristics remain constant within the limits of natural variations; they are not modified by the fluctuations of the bed.

And in order for the consumer or guest to actually receive this quality water and not just any cheap table water, it must be served bottled at the table. German Mineral Springs guarantees the safety, quality and pure naturalness of mineral water from the source to the guest via the MTVO.

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