Important on New Year’s Eve: Which drink is better not to drink with the raclette

A common point of contention is the choice of drink: white wine or red wine? Basically, you have to choose according to your own preferences, but dry white wines with a rather low acid content, such as Valais Chasselas, go particularly well. A pinot noir is suitable as a red wine.

However, customers who are not allowed or do not want to drink alcohol should pay special attention to their choice. Because some drinks are not suitable for raclette at all for health reasons.

It is best not to drink soft drinks while eating raclette. Because it clumps fatty cheese in the stomach. Alternatively, conventional black tea is recommended.
If you have leftover cheese after the raclette, you can freeze it and simply use it for the next barbecue evening. Here you can find out how it works best and what needs to be considered.

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