IGN 25: The game, a love letter to gaming and entertainment history, is officially here

It’s IGN’s 25th anniversary and we’ve created a game to celebrate! Developed in collaboration with the makers of the game 2020, IGN 25: The Game is a journey through the world of IGN and gaming history, and you can play it right now.

A love letter to video games and entertainment, IGN 25: The Game is a 2D platformer staring at IGN’s anthropomorphic control pad Iggy on her very first video game appearance. Starting in 1996, they will travel through the launch of the Imagine Games Network sites that started it all – N64.com, Saturnworld.com and PSXPower.com – and continue through key moments in IGN history.

You can play IGN 25: The Game here.

Alongside Iggy, you can watch the site’s first E3 (1997), the first San Diego Comic-Con Live (2013), the opening of IGN offices around the world, and the launch of flagship shows, including Play shovel! and Daily correction. You will also see the release of the many popular video game consoles that have hit the market over the past 25 years.

IGN 25: The Game was developed in the Unity engine over the course of almost a year and offers a completely original score. It contains more than 35 unique achievements for players to unlock. Iggy offers more than 35 animations and can take on 15 different “Alter Igos”, from skateboarders to photographers to superheroes to mythical warriors. Don’t worry: IGN 25: The Game is completely free and offers no microtransactions.

IGN 25: The game is meant to be played more than once in order to appreciate all the little clues and details that are in it and to aid this players can jump to specific years and spend time in their favorite areas. The difficulty level has been designed so that you can enjoy it regardless of your level of experience.

Aside from the new game, we’re also celebrating IGN’s 25th anniversary merch and peculiarities. This includes the 25 best N64 games of all time, the birth of Sopranos and Prestige TV, and much more.

IGN 25: The Game can be played in browsers on both desktop and mobile. Enjoy when we celebrate an incredible 25th anniversary here at IGN!

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