If your vaccination certificate is about to expire: You must

Users whose last vaccination was almost a year ago currently receive a warning in the CovPass or Corona-Warn app that their Corona vaccination certificate is no longer valid

Should I get vaccinated against Corona again?

no The application only indicates that the technical validity of the vaccination certificate expires after one year.

The current STIKO recommendation is that only groups of people who are particularly at risk to health or who are exposed should receive a 2nd booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine after the end of the basic immunization and the 1st booster vaccination . Accordingly, the following groups of people should receive a 2nd booster vaccination:

  • people over 60
  • People aged 12 and over at increased risk of severe COVID-19 progression due to underlying disease, especially immune deficiency
  • Staff in medical facilities and care facilities, especially those in direct contact with patients or residents

  • Residents in healthcare establishments

  • People with an increased risk of serious disease progression in integration support structures

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