Hundreds of extra euros: millions of Germans can keep double the energy package

The important message is that the one-off payment to students and technical students which was decided with relief package III should not be charged to the PPE for employed persons.

Those who study and work part-time, for example, are entitled to the regular energy allowance of 300 euros, and then also receive the 200 euros from the relief program III, which is explicitly intended for the approximately 3 million students in Germany. So students can contact the bottom line 500 euro aid come.

However, there are still unanswered questions, such as when and how the 200 euro relief package III should be paid out to all students. According to current information from dpa, the case is more complicated than expected. This is how it should be Payment only in 2023 take place, because first an internet platform has to be set up for this, which the students can then use to need to apply for PEP. What you need for this, what the platform is called and when it will be launched is not yet certain.

However, students and technical colleges who are enrolled in a university on December 1, 2022 or who are currently training at a technical college have an entitlement. The regulation also applies to part-time students, participants in work-study studies, foreign students and those who are currently taking a semester off, but not to doctoral students.

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