Horizon Forbidden West still looks beautiful in new PS4 screenshots

Guerrilla has shown a few more screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4, and it’s not surprising that the game looks absolutely beautiful even on older hardware.

How divided on TwitterHorizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla continued to talk about the upcoming launch of the sequel on PS4. “So far we have shown you a lot of Horizon Forbidden West footage on PS5,” writes the developer, “but the game looks – and plays – on the PlayStation 4 as well”.

Horizon Forbidden West – PS4 Screenshots

In addition to the tweet, the developer presented a number of images for the game that beautifully capture the mix of nature and technology. In addition to showing the sequel’s desert and wetland environments, the screenshots show some of the upcoming Forbidden West features in greater detail, showing several of the game’s mechanical creatures, a previously featured human settlement, and some native wildlife – including a particularly healthy-looking fox.

While the game certainly looks stunning on PS4, this doesn’t come as a surprise as Guerrilla previously noted that it was designed with the hardware in mind. “Much of the development has taken place on the PlayStation 4 and a lot of play tests have been carried out on the PlayStation 4,” said Game Director Mathijs de Jonge earlier this year. “So we’re making sure that owners of this console will have a great experience and that the game will look amazing on this console.”

However, the game will start with a number of graphical differences between the console and its PlayStation 5 counterpart. In the same interview, de Jonge noted that owners of current generation consoles should notice a number of graphical improvements – particularly those related to water and lighting. Despite developing a game that must be delivered across multiple generations of consoles, separate comments from de Jonge stated that the experience was “in no way limiting”.

Horizon Forbidden West is expected to be released on February 18, 2022. For gamers currently playing on PlayStation 4 hardware but considering upgrading to the current generation, Forbidden West comes with an upgrade path between the two systems.

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