Horizon Call of the Mountain announced exclusively for PSVR 2

During Sony’s CES 2022 press conference, the company announced new information from its PlayStation division. This includes new information about PSVR 2 as well as a new Horizon VR game that is being developed exclusively for the next-gen headset.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a new game jointly developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite, a UK game developer primarily focused on VR games and recently acquired by Sony.

This will be an original game specially designed for PSVR 2 and according to the PS blog post will allow players to “dive deeper into the world of Horizon”.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – First screenshots

Although no release date was announced, the YouTube description gave some additional insight into the game, noting that Horizon Call of the Mountain will “bring a new level of immersion in a unique experience designed around hardware technology, innovation and Advance gameplay. “

While the details are sparse, Horizon Call of the Mountain will likely take advantage of the many new features announced for the PSVR 2 headset. These include new 4K HDR visuals and an 11-degree field of view with a brand new OLED display, inside-out tracking with integrated cameras in the VR headset and a new sense technology that provides eye tracking, headset feedback and Combined 3D audio. The PSVR 2 also includes a built-in motor in the headset that provides physical feedback to the wearer.

Firesprite kicked off as a PlayStation Studios brand, posting job openings for new hires who can work on an ambitious AAA narrative adventure. And while Firesprite could be planning multiple projects, at least one of them is a VR game set in Guerrilla’s Horizon universe.

The announcement coincides with the upcoming release of Horizon: Forbidden West in just over a month on PS4 and PS5.

Matt Kim is IGN’s news editor. Taylor Lyles is IGN’s Associate Tech Editor.

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