IO interactive announced a new roadmap for Hitman 3 Year 2 with new content coming January 2022, including ray tracing, PC VR and an Elusive Target Arcade.

The game is already optimized and improved on PC with support for 8+ core CPUs and variable rate shading. Working with Intel, IO Interactive will also bring ray tracing to Hitman 3 sometime in 2022. PlayStation owners can already play Hitman 3 with PSVR support, but it’s coming to VR PC now in January 2022.

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IO Interactive will unveil another major update to Hitman 3 in spring 2022, and new maps, storylines, and modes are planned for the next 12 months. The World of Assassination trilogy has also reached 50 million players so far, with Hitman 3 being the most successful part of the series of all time.

Hitman 3 has received many updates so far, such as its Seven Deadly Sins expansion, the last of which, Wrath, was released on October 29th.

In IGN’s Hitman 3 review, Luke Reilly said, “Rich, rewarding, and very repeatable, Hitman 3 is an excellent installment of IO’s idiosyncratic but popular stealth series.”

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