Here’s how consumers are cutting their spending in half thanks to the gas and electricity price restraint

Model household: the family lives in a terraced house; Gas consumption: 20,000 kWh per year

At current market prices – with no gas price restraint – gas costs amount to 3200€ during this year. If the household consumes an unchanged quantity of gas in 2023, the gas price brake will weigh on expenditure 2560 euros. Or 640 euros less.

The family will save even more if they reduce their gas consumption by 20% next year. Then she just has to pay her gas bill 1920 euros pay. The total saving is 1280 euros, or nearly 107 euros per month.

If the model family really brakes when it comes to gas mileage, even higher amounts are possible. If she saves 30%, all she has to do is 1600€ count. So only half. Because the family obtains the 640 euros in savings thanks to the brake on the price of gasoline, even if it consumes less than 80% of the amount of the previous year.

So, if the family massively limits their gas consumption, they can cut their gas costs in half – compared to unrestrained prices.

But one thing is clear: such high savings are only realistic if the family has wasted a lot of gas so far – and completely changes its behavior in 2023. Check24 also points out that such huge cost savings are only possible ‘with a change in gas supplier, as the report states.

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