Here you can save a lot: The secret of cheap perfumes at Aldi and Lidl

Discounters like Aldi, Lidl and Co. sell twin fragrances, called dupes, on their drugstore shelves, which are very similar to branded perfumes from Chanel, Hugo Boss and Jil Sander. The fragrances of perfumes are so similar that they can hardly be distinguished from normal consumers and offer a good alternative to expensive branded products.

What is the difference?

Discounters mainly save on the production costs of dupes. These are mostly made with synthetic fragrances. As a result, the fragrance stays on the skin for less time and dissipates faster than the scent of the original.

In addition, the manufacturers of the twin perfumes rely on a simpler bottle design and thus also keep the production price significantly lower.

Since the fragrance combinations already exist, discounters also save the cost of a perfumer having to create the fragrances separately.

However, consumers do not have to worry about health aspects, because the dermatological quality standards that apply to the production and sale of branded perfumes must also be met by discount perfumes.

In general, twin perfumes, or dupes, are not exact copies of the brand’s perfumes, but closely resemble them. Therefore, dupes may differ in shades of fragrances from the originals.

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