Hendrick’s Gin reveals (probably) the only gaming chaise lounge in the world

There are many gaming chairs. There are very few gaming chaise lounges. In fact, as far as I can tell, Hendrick’s Gin is the only company trying to make the latter.

Price a only 2999.99 € (just under 4,000 US dollars) the gaming lounger was specially developed for tabletop gaming – although Hendrick’s openly admits that it is “the longest, least technical and impractical gaming chair in the world”.

Aside from looking extremely comfortable, the gaming chaise has some other unique features including a “full analog” speaking horn that you can use to shout at those who are not lucky enough to be seated, retractable arms to hold of cocktails, hidden compartments for games, and “subtle anti-racing strips”.

Gaming Chaise Lounge Pictures

“While we like video games as much as we like any iconoclastic gin distilled in a tiny seaside village in rural Scotland, it seems to us that current trends in gaming furniture have caused chairs to lack worldly sophistication,” says Hendrick the chaise longue. “We decided to remedy the situation with our own gaming lounger, which was designed to accentuate the joys of a range of leisurely distractions, from card games to chess, backgammon, and other board games – not to mention the pursuit of human ones Conversation (about cocktails, of course) with all its feint and complexities. “

If you are really interested in a comfortable but functionally confusing seat for games, the voting slips for the purchase of the extremely limited item are unfortunately closed. We can only hope that this will spark a revolution in the ultra-quiet gaming chaise space. But it probably won’t.

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