Hemp products criticized by ÖKO-TEST: too much THC in the oil

Organic hemp tea
Both teas in the test were negative with no pollutants or increases in total THC. The top rating for this is “very good”. The Pukka Peace organic herbal tea (at dm) as good as Teekanne Organics Happy Time (at Rewe) you can enjoy it without hesitation.

Things are a little different with hemp seeds and hemp oils. Although the seeds themselves do not naturally contain THC, many products have traces or even greatly increased levels of THC. So it must be contaminants. “The sometimes high levels of THC in salad oil is staggering, as the seeds themselves contain no THC at all. Manufacturers need to work cleaner,” says Vanessa Christa, ÖKO-TEST project manager.

Organic hemp seeds
The lab detects traces of THC in all hemp seeds, and the value is even higher in one product. These are natural hemp organic hemp seeds (peeled). Nevertheless, it is still sufficient for the overall “satisfactory” rating. Two other hemp seed products also completed the test with grade 3. The THC value is not increased here, but the lab shows increased values ​​for mineral oil components. Hemp seeds from Hans Brainfood only work “enough”. The reason: in addition to an increase in mineral oil components, the lab found PVC/PVDC/chlorine compounds in the packaging. There are also deductions because the experts miss, among other things, the indication that the product is not suitable for children.

Three of the hemp seeds are rated “very good”, another product from dm is “good”. A cheap winner, for example, are Clasen organic hemp seeds. They cost around 4.50 euros for 200 grams (at Rewe) and are the only test winners that are also free of mineral oil components.

Organic hemp oil
Ten hemp oils were examined in the test. None of this can convince the experts. They all fail with the rating “Poor” (two oils) or “Insufficient” (eight oils). Not only the content of THC and mineral oil components is sometimes significantly increased here. The laboratory also detects traces up to greatly increased levels of PAHs. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons result from incomplete combustion processes of organic matter or food and are considered carcinogenic. None of the oils are free from the critical substances and therefore cannot be recommended for consumption.

The criticized products include well-known brands such as Ener organic hemp oil from Rossmann, cold-pressed hemp oil from Dennree, hemp oil from Alnatura or organic hemp oil from Seitenbacher.

You can download the detailed test report with all results and products Read it for free on ÖKO-TEST.

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