Heating extra? Expert thinks other automakers are imitating BMW

After all, what BMW has now introduced is nothing new. Many car manufacturers offer additional functions for an additional charge. With its over-the-air upgrades, Tesla, for example, is considered a pioneer in paid retrofits.

But Mercedes and Škoda also make it possible to “upgrade” their cars with navigation systems and infotainment apps. Manufacturers praise the unlockable functions as a big advantage for the customer.

True to the motto: We offer consumers the greatest possible flexibility. On another sheet is how much it all ultimately costs.

Automotive expert Dudenhöffer says: “The base car may be more expensive because some components are already installed, but I wouldn’t see that as a major drawback.” According to him, “the additional functions requested compensate for this, in other words, the cost curve across the entire model range is improved”.

Dudenhöffer also points out that the increasing digitization of vehicles “is a good development”. This gives the buyer more opportunities to experiment and play with new technologies, he says.

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