Heating allowance: this is how millions of students and retirees get money

Why students as single payment only 200€ received, the federal government has not specifically justified. The third relief package only says “Students and technical students are also affected by rising energy costs.

After the heating subsidy for BaföG beneficiaries, all students and technical students should now receive a one-off payment of 200 euros. The federal government covers the costs. He will consult with countries on how payment can be made quickly and without bureaucracy on site“.

In the first federal states, payment for students begins these days. For example, the Ministry of Science in Erfurt reports that entitled persons will receive a lump sum of 230 euros. However, this only applies to young people who no longer live with their parents.

For 2023, the federal government has already decided on a second subsidy for heating costs of 345 euros, according to the ministry. The payment of the second amount could start at the beginning of 2023 at the earliest, since the BAföG rights for the winter semester or the current school year are a prerequisite for this.

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