This story contains minor spoilers for the premiere of Marvel’s Hawkeye, which is now streamed on Disney +.

Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton wears a hearing aid in Hawkeye, the new Marvel Disney + show premiering today. It’s a nod to the comics, especially the Matt Fraction and David Aja comics that the show draws much of its inspiration from, but the show’s producers also point out that this is an important aspect in showing that Hawkeye is not a super human.

Speaking to IGN, Hawkeye’s executive producer Trinh Tran said, “There were certain details that we really wanted to bring out [from the comics]of which Clint is hard of hearing.

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“It’s the realistic nature that he’s a person without superpowers. He’s hurting himself, ”she said. “It’s this human element that we wanted to create. That they can be hurt can make the difference between life and death in some of the experiences they engage in. He puts ice packs on him at the end of the mission. We wanted to show that ‘behind the scenes’, which includes his hearing loss. “

In the TV series, Clint had his hearing aid from the start, and it is later revealed that he started using them to compensate for the toll many explosions took on his ears during his Avengers career (he was pretty much in the firing line of one of Endgame’s biggest booms after all). It’s more of a wear and tear approach compared to the comics where Hawkeye first went deaf in 1983 when he blew up his own eardrum with a sonic dart to counter the Crossfire sonic weapons. Hawkeye’s ears were eventually healed, but the comics Fraction and Aja reintroduced his hearing aids and later made him completely deaf by having the clown prick him in the ears. Portions of the following editions are written in sign language, which Clint and his son also use on the show.

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