Have the Enpal photovoltaic system installed and get an immediate discount

A Rent a photovoltaic system for your own roof including energy storage and wall box for 0 euros Acquisition costs with a carefree complete package from 86 euros per month: This offer from Enpal includes individual advice, planning, installation, all components, full service, maintenance, repair and insurance. Exclusively in the CHIP offer board, you will receive one when you complete the Enpal offer Voucher for an amount of 250 euros immediate discount and save even more with your own personal photovoltaic system for your own home. The size of your system doesn’t matter. The following applies: It pays to be quick – you’ll get the discount only until November 13.

Fluctuating electricity prices will no longer affect you – your monthly contribution will remain fixed. Enpal offers you planning security and after the expiry of the term (20 years) the PV system is yours if you want it – for the symbolic price of only 1 euro. This can then be used for another 10-15 years.

With the practical energy storage, you get a Degree of self-sufficiency up to 70 – 80 percent. The wall box charges your electric car quickly, inexpensively and with green electricity directly from the roof. You can feed excess electricity into the grid and even receive payment from the grid operator for it. through the Saving electricity costs and the feed-in tariff the average return is several thousand euros. Save on electricity costs, gain independence and make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

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