Hard blow for bargain hunters: 10 GB and all-network package for less than 8 euros per month.

A lot of data volume for little money: this is how we can describe Logitel’s offer. For a short time, the discounter offers its Allmobil Flat L for only 7.99 euros per month. In addition to an all-network flat rate for phone calls and texts on all German networks, the 10 GB of data volume in particular makes you sit up and take notice. The price per GB is around 80 cents.

However, Logitel goes even further and also removes the connection price of 29.99 euros plus base fee for the first three months in the amount of 23.97 euros. If you take your old phone number with you, you save another 50 euros. With this lie the effective price is even just 4.91 euros!

Logitel cooperates with Vodafone subsidiary Otelo and therefore offers a good national network which is also good abroad. The only problem: the data rate is limited to LTE speeds of 21.6 Mbit/s. If you have a current 5G smartphone, you won’t be able to use full speed. However, the data rate should be more than enough for video streaming, gaming, and surfing.

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