Halo Infinite players learn how to communicate in Teabag Morse Code

Halo Infinite players learn to put their differences aside and communicate in one of the world’s most sacred languages ​​- teabag morse code.

In one Clip posted by Reddit user Local_Floridian (as seen on Twitter by Washington Post gaming reporter Gene Park), the player can be seen trading weapons with an enemy player during a game. While we would normally advise a more cautious approach to fraternizing with the enemy, it appears that this daring soldier was able to communicate through the power of the teabag Morse code to facilitate a successful exchange of arms with an opposing Spartan.

After a tense period of repetitive crouching that resembled an animal mating ritual one might find in a nature documentary, both players were happy to lie down and swap weapons in a brief truce. Although Local_Floridian parted ways with a trusty combat rifle, they walked away with a gravity hammer and all parties seemed satisfied.

While the non-verbal communication with hostile players in the form of teabag Morse code usually causes a stir (I’ll show myself), we applaud anyone who has the courage to enter into negotiations.

While the teabag trade may not be the most serious news out of the game lately, it is a welcome sight when compared to reports from players describing scammers entering multiplayer. While players took out their frustration with in-game cheating, 343 community manager John Junyszek stated that the developer “anticipated” the problem and was taking a “game-wide approach to anti-cheat” to keep the number of abusers flowing to infinity.

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