Halo Infinite players are obsessed with the new Spartan Cat Ear Helmet Mount

While Halo Infinite’s campaign may be a story about Master Chief saving the galaxy from a greater threat than it has ever known, multiplayer is now home to Meowster Chief as a spartan cat-ear helmet attachment is now in the shop of the game is available.

Halo Infinite players entering the in-game shop will be greeted by the “Cat Lovers” package for 1,000 credits ($ 8.99), which includes the Faded Blush Epic Armor Coating, Tabby Rare Charm, Kat Epic Charm and the Pièce. contains de résistance – the Purrfect Audio Epic helmet holder.

This attachment adds adorable cat ears to any helmet under the Mark VII Armor Core and the internet has justifiably fallen in love with it quickly.

@its_kiingah even considers it “the best that Halo did”.

@ m4boo_ believes that an entire crew of these “cat girls” is even “more terrible than the entire flood”. Honestly, who are we to disagree?

These cat ears will only be available until the Halo Infinite store update on Tuesday, December 28th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM GMT. There’s a good chance it will return in the future, but are you willing to wait that long to get a step closer to the full Meowjolnir armor?

If you need even more persuasion, @neokitsch_ shows us that you can pair those cat ears with the Vermillion Fire Legendary Armor Coating for 2,000 credits ($ 17.99) to become a cat version of Iron Man, and who wouldn’t want that?

While you’ll obviously look amazing with these ears, just keep in mind that they won’t make you particularly sneaky like a real cat. So always watch your back in combat or you’ll be wasting one of your nine lives thanks to the hands-on work of the likes of @flairwing.

If that’s not cosmetic enough for you, the Halo Infinite Winter Contingency Event is now taking place, giving Spartan the chance to earn vacation-related rewards right on time for the best time of the year.

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