343 Industries Head of Creative, Joseph Staten, has confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will add more weapons over time.

During a recent rapid-fire interview with Game informers, Staten recently spoke about the number of guns in Halo Infinite’s current multiplayer mode and confirmed to fans that more guns will be added to the game in due course.

When asked if Halo fans have seen everything there is to see from Halo Infinite’s armory, Staten’s answer was pretty straightforward. “The answer is a resounding, ‘No you didn’t,'” he affirmed before stating that it would be “a pretty safe bet” to assume that more guns would come into the game over time.

Unfortunately, due to the speed of fire of the interview, Staten’s answers on this topic were short and barely revealed any other details. While it may come as little surprise to fans that Infinite’s multiplayer mode will expand its weapon selection, Staten also hinted that the game might include a number of secret weapons similar to those found in Halo 2’s Scarab pistol. “If I told you, they wouldn’t be secrets now, would they?” said the 343 partner when asked about the subject.

Elsewhere in the interview, Staten said the team planned to add more content to the game from season to season, aside from quick fixes. This means that we can expect new weapons in multiplayer mode at the earliest in season 2, starting in May 2022.

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It’s not clear which weapons could be added to multiplayer from here on – although the game is missing some from previous Halo entries. There’s also a chance to see weapon variants appear, as we’ve already seen them in campaign mode. During our hands-on preview, we were able to find rare and unique weapons like the Backdraft Cindershot – a slight variation on the regular Cindershot launcher – hidden in secret rooms guarded by the exiles or held by open-world bosses. It would be interesting to see some of these show up in multiplayer as well.

Elsewhere in the interview, Staten spoke briefly about the unfortunate brute Craig who became a meme after his brief and awkward cameo in a Halo Infinite gameplay trailer last year. “Craig experienced what could be called a flash,” he says. “If you play Infinite you may find that Craig has taken a different career path.” To learn more about Craig’s new career path, check out this article that details the first Halo Infinite Craig Easter Egg found in the game.

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