Halo Infinite Multiplayer Event returns today with updated progress

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer Fracture: Tenrai event returns today, giving Spartans another chance to earn the Samurai-themed Yoroi Armor Core and its many add-ons. According to player feedback, the event looks a bit different this time around, as developer 343 Industries addressed some of the early criticisms with further progress changes.

on Halo waypoint, 343 details the new adjustments to the event. The event is still designed to be completed throughout Season 1 and not all at once, but players can now earn 10 rewards per week, while the rewards were previously capped at 7.

And the biggest change is that the event now guarantees that players will always have at least one event-specific challenge in their challenge rotation, as opposed to the first run of the event, where there was no such guarantee.

When the event originally came out in November, players were struggling with Fracture: Tenrais gated progression and the padded event pass, mostly with how someone could play for hours without a single event-related challenge showing up in their rotation.

343 also added 11 new cosmetic items to the event, replacing the XP and Challenge Boosts that were originally available in the Event Pass. 343 hopes these changes will give players more reason to invest time in the event. The Fracture: Tenrai runs from today through January 11th and will return regularly for the remainder of the season.

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Battle Pass customizations have become commonplace for Infinite’s multiplayer since its November release. Recently, 343 added a collection of new challenges for players to complete in its newly added suite of Slayer playlists. And while it’s not available yet, 343 has said it is still working on adding performance-based XP to reward players who have a great game.

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