Halo Infinite’s multiplayer allows players to earn Season 2 Battle Pass credits that they can use in the in-game shop to purchase items, cosmetics, and even a new Battle Pass.

Shared by 343 Industries design lead Jerry Hook and after “continuous feedback” from the community, 343 decided to make it such that credits can be earned in Halo Infinite’s next Battle Pass, which will begin after Season 1 ends in May 2022.

“Thanks to your continued feedback, we are pleased to confirm that credits can be earned in the Season 2 Battle Pass,” Hook wrote. “This means you can earn credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression. We’ll have more to share as we get closer to Season 2.”

Hook also provided an update on the team’s focus on the “general price drop” in Halo Infinite multiplayer. He shared that while this week was all about dropping the prices of the weekly bundles, next week some individual items from those bundles will be releasing individually.

Regarding the ongoing issues with large teamfight matchmaking, 343 will also be removing all challenges that require BTB when Tuesday’s weekly challenges reset until a fix is ​​found. This will ensure the team doesn’t remove anyone’s progress from that week and will ensure that nobody is stuck with challenges that are difficult to complete due to these issues.

Halo Infinite’s BTB hotfix, released earlier this week, wasn’t “as effective as we’d hoped,” according to Hook, but it “also included additional telemetry that gives the team some promising data.”

Check out our full guide to Halo Infinite multiplayer for more information, as it will go a long way toward making you the best Spartan you can be.

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