Following the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, 343 Industries has confirmed that it is currently evaluating the game’s controversial multiplayer progression system.

The announcement came in a tweet from Studio Community Director Brian Jarrard. “Thanks to everyone who has jumped into the Halo Infinite Beta so far,” Jarrard said in the tweet.

“For your information, the team is researching Battle Pass progress and collecting data from yesterday’s sessions.

Halo Infinite introduced a Battle Pass system to reward players with cosmetic content, similar to modern day multiplayer shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty – but the way you go through this pass is slightly different. The core of the problem players have with Infinite’s Battle Pass is how XP is rewarded. In its current state, players can only progress through the Battle Pass by completing daily and weekly in-game challenges, which means that XP is not necessarily granted just by completing games and games.

After starting the multiplayer mode of the game, a number of players have on the Subreddit of the game have commented that progress through the pass feels too slow with at least one fan referring to it as a “slog” and another as an “unpleasant grind”.

Although the game’s multiplayer mode was rolled out to fans this week, the issue of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression was raised by players during the game’s previous technical playtesting. At the time, a statement from 343 addressed the problem stating:

“While we understand the feedback from the community that they want a steady drop in Match XP and more opportunities to earn XP for the Battle Pass, we are optimistic that the system available at launch will give players ample opportunities to continuously achieve something We expect these systems to evolve in direct partnership with player feedback.

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Multiplayer advancement aside, Halo Infinite’s introduction of multiplayer has been largely positive. While some versions of the game had some teething problems initially, the game attracted a large audience of gamers in the first few days.

Alone on Steam, data from SteamDB suggests the game saw over a quarter of a million simultaneous players during its opening 24 hours. While it’ll be interesting to see if that number rises over the weekend, the number already marks it as the 22nd highest simultaneous spike in the platform’s history.

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