Hair care put to the test: leading discount brands

But not all remedies were convincing. Four were rated “mediocre”, five as “unsatisfactory”. For example, eco-testers complained that almost one in five products were scented with the artificial musk fragrances Galaxolid or Tonalid. Both are believed to disrupt the hormonal system. The preservative chloromethylisothiazolinone (CIT), considered a skin irritant, was detected in three treatments. Well-known products such as Dove or Pantene are also affected.

The testers also found silicones in twelve of the hair treatments reviewed. “The liquid plastic forms a thin film around the hair and repairs minor damage here,” says the test report. In the long run however, they could weigh down the hair and prevent the care products from penetrating inside the hair. Another disadvantage: silicones degrade only slowly in the environment.

You can read the detailed test report Read ├ľKO-TEST issue 7/2022 for a fee.

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