Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition got off to a rocky start, but Rockstar has been working to fix the bugs, glitches, missing content, and other issues that plagued the remasters. Today the developer released updates for all three GTA games in the collection on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch.

The update added notable fixes, including improvements to the rain effect, a movie camera, and other major changes. Fans have participated in the tweaks that bring the remasters closer to the originals.

Repair rain and fog

One of the biggest criticisms of the remasters was the glittering rain effect. On one Reddit thread When discussing the patch notes, many commented on the sheer amount of rain fixes, with user megamanxoxo saying, “Half of those are ‘fixed rain in X scene’. That could have been just one line, lol.”

Aside from the rain, fans also missed the fog that used to cover San Andreas and are happy to see it back.

Sound effects

Many fans looked forward to hearing the right menu sound effects in each of the three games. Unfortunately, all three games used the same menu sound effects from GTA: San Andreas at launch. Now every game has its correct sound effects again.

This is a change that many fans seem happy about and bilbofraginz says, “They added the old menu sounds!” and dave9393 added, “They even corrected the menu sounds for each respective game from the trilogy. Didn’t see this coming! Seems like you’re on the right track.”

Morgan Freeman and other minor corrections

Old Reece, a Minor character in San Andreas, has returned to its original appearance with the latest update. The joke with old Reece is that fans say he bears a strong resemblance to actor Morgan Freeman, and fans are thrilled with the change.

On a separate Reddit thread When discussing the changes, the fans are also happy that the burger shot burger is turning properly again, that an invisible bridge is now visible and that the Giant nut has been restored on top of the donut shop.

GTA Trilogy – Nintendo Switch Screenshots

The GTA trilogy got off to an extremely rocky start, with fans debating the game’s performance issues, quality issues, and some hilarious bugs and glitches. The negative reaction resulted in Rockstar returning the original versions of the games to the Rockstar Store for a limited time while a solution to the trilogy is being worked on.

We found the Definitive Edition’s original release mediocre, and we said in our GTA Trilogy review that the state of the release was “surprisingly disrespectful to both the legacy of the games themselves and their many legions of fans”.

Rockstar continues to work on the trilogy to correct the laundry list of concerns. Earlier this month, the collection received its first fixes that included changes to character models in cutscenes, holes in the map, and more. This first update and today’s update are part of Rockstar’s overall plan to bring the GTA trilogy to a state that meets the company’s “own quality standards”.

For more information, see why GTA fans think Rockstar hid a GTA 6 screenshot in the trilogy.

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