A single image of a house in the remastered version of GTA: San Andreas has sparked speculation among fans that it is actually the first screenshot from Grand Theft Auto 6.

Published on GTA forums, the picture can be found under photos on the wall of San Andreas’ UFO-themed Lil’Probe’Inn and quite appropriately sparked a new conspiracy theory – that Rockstar secretly put the first picture of GTA 6 in its latest remaster.

The picture, which you can see in the tweet below (both as an in-game screenshot and as an artificially pepped version), only shows a frontal view of an inconspicuous house, albeit with a UFO hanging over it. The intrigue stems from the fact that even the most ardent GTA fans cannot determine where this house model came from.

The high quality of the graphics in the picture means fans won’t believe it came from GTA Trilogy itself, but the house doesn’t seem to be found in GTA 5 either. That inevitably led to a discussion about where the picture came from and why Rockstar would pick it up – especially in a room full of UFO references that is known to be one of the breeding grounds of the GTA series’ fan theory.

Previous rumors have suggested that GTA 6 might return to a Miami-inspired setting, and GTA forum users igrobar tracked down a real home in Boca Raton (just north of Miami) that is strikingly similar to the screenshot. Rockstar is known for reinventing real-world buildings in its fictional cities, and fans have stuck to the idea that this image is a concrete clue to the surrounding area.

GTA forum user igrobars comparison of the real house with the mystery house of the GTA trilogy.

GTA forum user igrobars comparison of the real house with the mystery house of the GTA trilogy.

As tempting as all of this is, it’s of course nothing more than speculation – the image could just as easily be unused conceptual images, environmental tests, or just an image that was made or repurposed for the game. We asked Rockstar for a comment.

Whether it’s a picture from GTA 6 or not, it seems like we’ll have to wait a long time to actually play the game. While we know it’s in development, recent reports have suggested that the game will hit the market in 2024 or 2025, which in some ways coincides with Take-Two’s set to see a big surge in big game releases prepared. We also heard that Dr. Dre is making new music for GTA and that Rockstar has been working on great sounding NPC technology.

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