Grind instead of throwing away: the best knife sharpeners

The test winner proves that a good knife sharpener doesn’t have to be expensive: the DMT Diamant Simple Sharp costs about 30 euros and is therefore in the lower price segment. For the price, you get a consistently compelling knife sharpener that is safe, non-slip, and easy to use. With this device you can sharpen all knives with right. A plus point of this knife sharpener are the high-quality diamond sharpening stones. After the simple sharpening process, the knives in the test are very sharp again.

In general, the price range of knife sharpeners is quite wide: everything is between seven and 100 euros. And of course there are also very good professional devices, such as the Vulkanus Professional for around 90 euros. However, the following products show that the price is not always decisive: The PiniceCore Swifty Sharp for around 13 euros comes second to last in the ranking. But even one of the most expensive knife sharpeners in the test, the Kai APW17 for around 100 euros, is not really convincing.

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