Green electricity: more than half fail the ÖKO-TEST

Nevertheless, 14 tariffs were rated “very good” and 4 “good”. These are apt to contribute to the further expansion of renewable energies. These include, for example, the top-rated green electricity products:

  • Naturstrom: naturstrom – The excellent (to the supplier)
  • Citizens’ initiative for environmental protection: green electricity pool natural electricity (to the supplier)
  • Prokon: Prokon Windstrom 12 (to supplier)
  • green.power: green.power indicator (to the supplier)

Products are recommended if the supplements that are put into expanding renewable energy systems are presented in a way that customers can understand on the suppliers’ websites. With the product of Fair Trade Power Deutschland GmbH (fair; “very good”), consumers can even determine the surcharge themselves, writes “Öko-Test”.

Tariffs based on power purchase agreements with newly built green power plants according to the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) are beneficial for the energy transition. The magazine also highlights business models that open up new revenue streams for system owners if they no longer qualify for compensation under the Renewable Energy Sources (EEG) Act after 20 years. – so-called post-EEG solutions.

Legal background: Electricity that has already been subsidized via the EEG surcharge cannot be sold as green electricity. This is to prevent providers from collecting twice, via promotion and sale. “Experts speak here of a double marketing ban,” the report said.

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