Goonies TV series for Disney +

The classic ’80s adventure movie The Goonies is getting a TV show of sorts with a Goonies-inspired drama to Disney +.

According to diversity, The upcoming show is about a teacher helping her class reinvent itself The goonies in a shot-by-shot remake.

Originally known only as the Untitled Film Re-Enactment Project, the screenplay was adapted by Sarah Watson into a pilot episode for Fox. Produced by Warner Bros. Television, it has now switched to Disney + and given a new name – Our Time.

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The Goonies is a 1985 adventure comedy directed by Richard Donner that later became a cult classic. In an attempt to save their homes from foreclosure, the Goon Docks children go on an adventure to find the hidden treasure of 17th century pirate one-eyed Willy.

Now this classic children’s film is getting a kind of meta remake.

“It was an incredible cast, but unfortunately a little too young for Fox,” said Warner Bros. television director Clancy Collins White. “And so we immediately put it into high gear and drove into town. We didn’t have anything in development at Disney Plus. It was another example of how having a great story, a great pilot, a great series could pave a path where there wasn’t. The deal took a while, but we’re really looking forward to moving forward. “

The Donner Company and Amblin, who were both behind The Goonies, are on board for the upcoming project.

If you ask me, this new Goonies show sounds similar to the plot of Son of Rambow – the critically acclaimed comedy from 2007 in which two young friends made their own film based on. rotate First blood.

But given The Goonies’ popularity, it feels like a great pick for a remake.

In addition to Gail Berman and Hend Baghdady from The Jackal Group, Lauren Shuler Donner and the late Richard Donner, and Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey from Amblin TV, the author Sarah Watson will also be Executive Producer.

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