Google’s Hidden Easter Egg: Just Search “Christmas”

Microsoft’s NORAD tracker tracks Santa Claus will also be available again in 2022 – so you can find out where the Christmas sleigh is currently traveling on Christmas Eve. If the time until Christmas is too long for you, you can take a trip to Santa’s snowy village and shorten the wait with lots of Christmas games, videos and music.

For more than fifty years, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has monitored Santa’s route on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the “Santa Tracker”, you can see online where the man with the sleigh is.

The tradition dates back to 1955 and was born out of a typographical error in a phone number used by Colorado Springs department store Sears Roebuck & Co. to advertise a Santa Claus hotline. However, the children who called this number did not get Santa Claus on the phone, but were put in contact with the staff of the former commander-in-chief of CONAD (“Continental Air Defense Command”), the forerunner of NORAD.

The then Chief of Operations, Colonel Harry Shoup, then had the radar system searched for signs that Santa Claus had begun his journey south from the North Pole. Every child who called NORAD received Santa’s current location – and the new tradition was born.

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