Google Snake Mods galore. So if you are looking to unlock all items, here is the best google snake menu mod to use the platformnow.

If you’re looking to relive what you went through with the Nokia 3310 phones, you better play Google Snake. Released in 2017 as a remake of Blockade, Google Snake is a browser-based arcade game that asks players to control a snake in a grid with the aim of maximizing their score by eating fruit that randomly appears on the screen. ‘screen.

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The more fruit your snake swallows, the bigger it gets and to avoid losing you need to make sure the snake doesn’t smash its head against a wall or its own body. On the one hand, Google Snake offers a modern look as well as different game modes, but assuming you’re looking to spruce things up, then here’s the best Google Snake Mods to use now.

Google Snake Mods

Modding, simply put, is the act of altering or modifying a game’s files in order to add new content. It is often considered an important part of gaming because it allows players to contribute to the games they love.

Now, to simplify the Google Snake game a bit, a developer on github has released a mod menu that unlocks a dozen in-game content. So if you’re looking to score points or unlock tons of fruits and more, here’s how to modify the Google Snake game.

How to Mod Google Snake Game

To start, you will need to download the Google Snake menu mod published by fizhes on GitHub. So make sure you are on Chrome then go to the following URL.

From here you will see several assets which include MoreMenu.html, source code (zip) and source code (tar.gz). Just click MoreMenu.html then hit to safeguard to download the file to your PC.


Next, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of Chrome, then hover your mouse over Bookmarks and select Favorites Manager in the drop-down menu.


Once the bookmarks manager is open, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the bookmarks bar, then select Import bookmarks in the drop-down menu.


This will bring up your File Explorer. Go ahead and locate the MoreMenu file you downloaded from the URL above. Once found, select it and click Open to import it into your favourites.


You should now see a folder named Imported on the Bookmarks Manager page. Click on it then drag it More menu items to the bookmarks bar.


Once done, click on the three dots next to the imported folder and select delete from the drop-down menu. Then rename the More Stuff Menu to anything you desire (we’ll rename ours to Snake Game Menu) or leave it as is.


With that done, it’s time to use the Google Snake menu mod. So to launch this one, access the Google Snake game on your Chrome browser by clicking the link below.

Once on the page, click on the To play icon once to bring up the game window.


From there, select the Equipment then click More Menu Stuff or Snake Game Menu (depending on what you renamed it earlier) directly from the favorites bar at the top of the screen to implement the mod.


This will automatically unlock all items in the game, and by doing so, you can grind less and even customize your snake appearance while earning points.


So this is arguably the best Google Snake menu mod to use right now. However, if you find the implementation process tedious, you can easily copy and paste the code from custom.js in the Chrome developer console, then type the following command window.snake.more_menu(); and press Enter to activate.

To open the Developer Console window in Google Chrome, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the browser. From there, select More tools followed by development tools. Alternatively, you can use Shift + CTRL + J to access the Chrome Developer Console on Windows.

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