Google account hacked: a cybersecurity expert tells us what to do

To best secure your Google Account, Tuerk recommends setting a unique and strong password. So not the one you already use to log into Facebook, Instagram or other services. “If their access data is disclosed, hackers can easily log into the Google account of the affected user,” explains the expert.

He also thinks it’s a good idea to provide a phone number or alternate email address for account recovery. “If a user ever loses access to their account, it can be restored quite easily,” says Tuerk. Of course, this also involves the transmission of personal data to Google.

If you prefer to keep your phone number and alternate email address to yourself, you should be aware that your own security may suffer. For Tuerk, however, a good password and account recovery information is not enough to reliably protect an account.

It also recommends activating the so-called 2-factor authentication. This means protecting your own Google account with an additional factor, such as a code sent by SMS or an authenticator app. “It makes the connection more complicated,” says Tuerk. “But it also makes access more difficult for potential intruders.”

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