Good for tenants: From 2023, the lessor will have to bear these energy costs

The legal requirements of the Heating Costs Ordinance have so far stipulated that all costs of the CO2 price fall on the consumer, i.e. the tenant; this encourages tenants to heat sparingly, but does not encourage landlords to make buildings more energy efficient. That is why countermeasures are now being taken with a new law, the cumbersome Carbon Dioxide Cost Allocation Act (CO2KostAufG).

In future, the price of CO2 will be based on a Stage model between tenants and landlords distributed. The less climate-friendly the house, the higher the owner’s cost share. A price currently applies 30 euros per ton of CO2, which is emitted during the combustion of heating and fuels. It is said to be gradually up to 55 euros increase in 2025.

For non-residential buildings, a 50-50 flat rate solution will be implemented, with tenants and owners sharing the costs. In the case of residential buildings, the owner must Calculate carbon emissions per square meter of living space per year. This value is used to distribute the costs, as shown in the table.

Contrary to the bill, there seems to have been a change on the last meters. In the case of particularly low values, the owner must 95% of cost have to support.

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