MarTech innovator BOSCO ™ is increasing sales for online pet supplies retailer Animed Direct through its award-winning Connect platform, the leading bespoke retail and forecasting dashboard for online retailers and e-commerce providers.

BOSCO ™ uses a unique 3rd generation algorithm and data integration to drive budget forecasts and recommendations. The Connect platform enables clients to integrate their own data with market sources to ensure the most accurate results available. This ensures that the marketing resources are used optimally, both in terms of response rates and sales.



BOSCO ™ will work closely with Animed on attribution modeling. This involves running a series of simulations to support key campaigns with the platform first and focus on identifying key areas for marketing spend.

John Readman, CEO and Founder of BOSCO ™, said, “BOSCO ™ is a great addition to Animed’s marketing toolkit, especially when it comes to marketing attribution. We will use our own bespoke BOSCO ™ algorithm and apply this attribution model to your data to deliver improved online results. “

Animed Direct is a UK-based online pet supplies retailer that has seen phenomenal growth in 2020 and has exciting plans for 2021.

Dawn McMullan, Animed’s eCommerce Marketing Manager, said, “I look forward to seeing where we can go with BOSCO ™ Connect, especially to find new opportunities. The trading dashboard allows us to see all of our marketing metrics in one place. “

Places in the BOSCO ™ Connect program are now available to all online retailers and professional e-commerce providers. Inquire about the program or book a demo.

For more information, contact or call 0113 3502560


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Notes for editors:

  1. BOSCO ™ empowers retailers with predictive marketing analysis and enables them to plan, predict, and capitalize on marketing spend.
  2. BOSCO ™ was developed by digital marketing and technology provider Modo25.
  3. Bosco is the name of the gentleman who runs the 1moreChild orphanage in Jinja, Uganda, a charity supported by both Modo25 and BOSCO ™.
  4. MarTech innovator Modo25 ( recently announced the launch of BOSCO ™ Connect. This groundbreaking new platform provides online merchants with a single view dashboard that streamlines online marketing spend planning in one place and enables them to forecast the best spend by combining market analysis with the marketer’s own in-house data .

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