Ghostbusters Actor Ernie Hudson Says New Game “Definitely Happen”

Actor Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddemore on the Ghostbusters series, has confirmed that a new Ghostbusters game is “definitely” coming up.

During a recent panel with the Countdown City Geeks YouTube ChannelHudson said, “I just got an email that we were doing another video game. You are now planning to do the recording and I’m not sure who is going to do it. I know myself and Danny [Dan Aykroyd], I think. I’m not sure Billy [Bill Murray] will do everything about it. So there will be another video game. When do you bring it out? I don’t know, but it definitely happens. “

According to the actor, the developer has been working lately to model each of the characters for the game but seems to be struggling to create a character that accurately captures its likeness. “They sent me prototypes of the character to get the picture right, which seems to be having a hard time creating my picture in any way,” he said. “It’s so strange to me that they can make Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis look exactly what they look, but in the end I look like Eddie Murphy or something.”

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Despite fan requests for a new Ghostbusters game, the last full-fledged title for the franchise was released in 2009, using Hudson’s image and voice to recreate Zeddermore. While the game was remastered in 2019, newer Ghostbusters video game appearances have appeared in the form of add-ons for games like Fortnite and Planet Coaster.

In October, Illfonic studio co-founder Raphael Saadiq casually announced that his studio was working on a new Ghostbusters game – although nothing currently suggests this was related to the project Hudson announced its involvement in. While very little was said about the Illfonic-produced game at the time, the studio’s previous work on asymmetric multiplayer games with Predator: Hunting Grounds and Friday the 13th could give some clues as to what fans can expect from the project.

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