Get the Fitbit Sense 2 fitness tracker as part of a deal

You try to do this almost every year, but often fail. With the new Fitbit Sense 2 smartwatch, a healthy start into the new world is finally possible in no time: the smartwatch is like a training partner that you always wear on your wrist. Or like you entirely personal health coach. Your sleep is monitored and analyzed with the utmost precision – and of course you will receive tips on how to improve your deep sleep phases and spend the day more rested. Also stress level is finally no longer ignored, your new watch monitors it and alerts you if your stress level is too high and you need a break.

heart rate, oxygen saturation and fitness – the Fitbit Sense 2 keeps an eye on everything related to your health. These features and more are packed into a sleek, durable package. The Fitbit blends elegantly and modernly into any outfit and offers much more than you might think at first glance. It is available in three colors – in a subtle dark gray or in lighter shades like moon white or a very subtle light blue. Of course, other bracelets can also be purchased separately – changing them is very easy. Now the Fitbit Sense 2 with the Voucher code “FOCUS50” for only 229.95 EUR with free shipping. Because it doesn’t matter whether the healthy start to the new year works out this time or not: the Fitbit Sense 2 is a great everyday companion Battery life up to 9.5 days (CHIP test)the simplicity of use, the possibility of managing telephone calls and messages or of guiding you through the city thanks to Google Maps.

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