Generate electricity for free: the best solutions for travel

The fear of extremely high costs or even power outages is currently driving some to look for alternatives to the usual power supply. Generating electricity yourself is an obvious idea. However, it should be clear that true independence from the power grid is usually very difficult to achieve and is associated with high costs.

Of course, it also depends on your personal lifestyle. For example, someone who lives in a small house, only takes cold showers, eats only raw food, and uses only an inexpensive office notebook because the work equipment has a markedly thirsty energy. less than someone who cooks every day, likes to take hot baths and has a fully-equipped high-end PC and 34-inch screen in a 5-room apartment.

Total independence from the power grid is generally not necessary. Often it is enough to simply have electricity, for example for camping or in an emergency, in order to be able to supply the most important devices.

We therefore present here different mobile solutions before, the best to travel with the camping busthe tent holidayto Hike or just for the Emergency are appropriate and each show an example of a product.

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