Growth consulting of the Fyami Group ( offers an integrated package of sales, marketing and business services to the many IT, finance and fintech companies looking to get back up and running after the lockdown. Whether companies are returning to the office, resuming business, or simply reuniting the team, Fyami has integrated a range of services to bring their operations back to the “new normal”.

The services available are provided either in the UK or worldwide by Fyami itself or, where appropriate, through a number of selected partner companies with a track record of delivery. For qualified companies and interested parties, Fyami is happy to carry out a one-hour initial assessment of the services required. The services offered include:

  • Online and traditional sales strategy
  • Creation of telesales campaigns and lead generation
  • Sales training & training teams
  • Digital Marketing Consulting & Martech
  • Digital transformation
  • Web design & app creation
  • SEO and social media management
  • Public relations, content generation & blogging
  • Email marketing including HubSpot management
  • Event management: webinars, Zoom events, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

Chris Davey from Fyami customer Tiralis Global ( believes the integrated approach will work well. In his opinion: “The days of business silos are finally over. We needed a company that could help us be found and get more customers. Did this require an overall strategy that would support our sales, marketing and website? helps us all to work together. That’s exactly what Fyami does well. “

Faye Eldridge, founder of Fyami

Faye Eldridge, founder of Fyami

Faye Eldridge, founder of Fyami, welcomed these comments and noted;
“The safe navigation of your company and your employees through COVID-19 was a daily challenge that no company would have expected this year. As workplaces open to this “new reality,” IT finance and fintech companies must take a holistic approach where sales, marketing, technology and product development teams can work together to identify their best comeback options. Fyami recognizes the need for an integrated approach and introduces a wide range of high impact services to revitalize our customers’ business; so that you can start planning your next step right away.

“Whether you need to make temporary changes to your sales model and organizational structure, or you are unsure how to minimize the business risks of your future marketing strategy in such fast-moving times, Fyami can make a difference.”


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