Fussilli: cheap pasta is “very good”

The herbicide glyphosate was detected in four pasta products. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, plant protection products containing glyphosate are still permitted in the EU with a transition period until the end of 2023.

The levels found are very low and the carcinogenic effect of the herbicide is controversial. However, ÖKO-TEST recommends products without glyphosate residues only for ecological reasons: “The use of the pesticide is harmful for the biodiversity in the harvesting area.”

In three Fusilli products, the laboratory also found increased amounts of saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH) or MOSH analogues accumulating in the human body: “It is still unclear what the consequences will be term, which is why food contamination should be kept as low as possible,” the magazine article states.The mold toxin, a problem in past pasta testing, was not found by the lab. in the fusilli, except for harmless traces.

ÖKO-TEST tested spaghetti some time ago – here, too, the laboratory found harmful substances such as pesticides and mineral oil in many products, including well-known brands. Learn more about it here.

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