Frying pans in comparison: for dishes of all kinds

A frying pan helps you prepare a variety of dishes. These include, for example, steaks, slices of meat, rice or vegetable casseroles. But not all pans are the same. There are certainly criteria that you can use to make your buying decision.

What criteria should be taken into account?

  • Material: Iron, aluminum or stainless steel are recommended.
  • Non-stick coating/surface: Here you can choose between Teflon, ceramic or a baked iron pan.
  • Diameter: The most common are diameters between 23 and 28 cm
  • To manage: Metal handles are the least sensitive

In the table below we show you a Top selection of coated pans. Unlike cast iron or stainless steel pans, for example, coated pans are suitable for almost anything – and without having to use a lot of oil or other fats. A coated pan is not necessarily the first choice for searing meat, for example.

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