Frying and low-fat frying: These Airfryers allow

Anyone who does not want to accept the annoying drawbacks of a deep fryer, such as unhealthy preparation, unpleasant odors or difficult cleaning, has probably found a possible alternative in the Airfryer. Practical, you can use it to fry, grill, roast or even cook your dishes.

How do Airfryers or hot air fryers differ from conventional fryers?

The difference lies mainly in theFeature. The conventional fryer heats oil quickly, which means food quickly heats up to over 100 degrees. The water retained in the food runs off and evaporates. Once all the liquid has completely evaporated, the temperature rises again and what is called the Maillard reaction sets in: the food changes its degree of browning.

An air fryer or hot air fryer can be compared to a convection oven. The air and the food warm upslowly but surely. The moisture in the food evaporates, which is mixed with dry air by a fan. The temperature of the food increases and the crusts become nice and crispy.

The advantages of the hot air fryer over an ordinary fryer are above all thatamount of oilthat you need to prepare. Very little is often enough. The dishes are thus prepared relatively healthier. In addition, the food does not taste as greasy and the smell of grease is not as strong as with a conventional deep fryer. There is also a wide range of dishes available: vegetables, fries and bread are just a few examples.

We present to you below four Airfryers recommended with which you can prepare low-fat dishes.

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