Fraud in online shopping: almost one in five Germans has already been a victim

There is still some negligence when it comes to online shopping in Germany. According to the NordVPN study, four out of ten people who have been victims of a cyberscam are always willing to share personal information such as their name, credit card number or the name of their children with third parties in order to receive a discount. If you look at people who have not yet been duped by online scammers, the number is even higher.

Almost one in ten respondents would give their credit card details, 27.7% would give their home address and more than half would give their email address. A further 7.6% would reveal the names of their children themselves in order to get a good deal. After all, more than 14% of respondents are unwilling to disclose private data in exchange for business benefits.

When it comes to online shopping, German consumers actually attach great importance to the security and reliability of the websites they visit. For 22.3%, these are important criteria. However, 27.1% of respondents agree that price is particularly important.

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